A Community of sisters

Empowering women of all ages to be healthy and well - it's what we're all about. We live and breathe it, whether we're coaching you through strength training, cheering on your successes or caring for the members of our Sisters' community. 

We're also seriously committed to helping others through Lil' SistHers, family food drives and other activities. And you'll see us participating in events sponsored by the Blue Zones Project, like Concrete Connections. Over 40 businesses painted a sidewalk square to create a two mile walking path on 3rd Ave from Theater Cedar Rapids to the New Bo District. This is to encourage people to get out and walk, and enjoy the designs that display various missions of health promotion. If you have not seen our masterpiece yet, it is located on the corner of 3rd St. and 12th Ave. SE in front of the New Bo Alehouse. 

THANK YOU to all who helped with the painting of this square!



Our Staff


Kristy Butterfield

Kristy is a self-proclaimed caffeine junkie, part-time designer and full-time exercise queen and entrepreneur.  In her spare time, she stunt doubles for Scarlett Johansenn. Those sweet moves in "Lucy"? Yep, that was Kristy. Her secret ambition is to create her own reality show "Sisters of Anarchy."



Emily Saylor

Emily joined us this Spring after a successful career in cosmetology. She was looking for something where she could let her own hair down, and continue to provide women with support on their quest to look their best! She is bubbly and cheerful, with a laugh that you will be sure to hear while you are here. Her goal is to live in the smallest space possible, needing only a hot plate, cot, potty chair and a toothbrush. 



Maddy Taylor

GUESS WHO GOT MARRIED!!! Maddy was working out on a treadmill when she was recruited to work at Sisters. She has been a tremendous addition to our staff, leading efforts for the introduction of Silver and Fit and assisting with marketing projects. She is a student at Coe College and plans to seek a career as a professional ice cream taster.


Julie Jack

Julie brings a peaceful vibe to Sisters with her calming presence and gentle personality. We need her to balance out the over-caffeinated hyperactive staff (you know who you are.) Julie
teaches Body Barre, Yoga, Power Yoga and assists with the Lil' SistHers program. Sometimes after a HIIT class, members will track down Julie for a kind word and a hug. 


Sally Wapp

Sally has been with Sisters since dinosaurs roamed the earth. Well, since Day 1. She is the glue that holds us together, and her skills put MacGuyver to shame. She bakes, crochets, cleans, juggles fire, can fix anything with duct tape and a paper clip...truth is, we would be lost without her. I made up the juggling part.


Sierra Menzies

Sierra is a hard working college student with a bubbly personality and cheerful energy. This girl does it all; opens the gym at 5:30 am, manages a full schedule of classes at Coe College, is the housing chair for her sorority, an admissions ambassador, nannies two young children in the afternoons - early evenings... AND I hear she can juggle fire! (haven't seen it though)


Linda Minder

Linda hangs out at Sisters a couple of nights a week to unwind from her day job. She has been with us for six years and claims her time employed by us has taken years off of her life. You see, Linda is 102. I stopped paying her four months ago and she hasn't noticed yet.



Hannah O'Brien

Hannah is a true rock star! Apart from teaching classes in the wee hours of the morning, she also keeps the gym functioning and can be counted on for a friendly smile. Hannah graduated from Cornell College with a degree in kinesiology and is a personal trainer. She loves Starbucks tea and long walks on the beach.