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I like that Sisters offers a wide variety of classes with varying intensity levels.
— Molli
The instructors here care about form more than any place I’ve been - the small class size is perfect for me.
— Jane

Class Descriptions:

Barre: Methods incorporate exercises done at a ballet barre and blend Pilates, dance, yoga and functional training.

TRX Body Blast: TRX at a faster pace, often with cardio to elevate your heart rate.

Wacky Wednesday: It's like a box of chocolates...without the calories. You never know what you're going to get. Cardio. Weights. Dumbbells. TRX. Old School Calisthenics! Just be prepared to sweat!

Butts and Guts: Working the backside and love handles, all at the same time. 

Pump & Tone: Full body toning workout set to music using lighter weights and higher reps. You will work quickly through several different muscle groups.

Spin: Cycling to the beat of upbeat and motivational music! Climb a hill and sprint down the other side, cruise comfortably through a flat road segment and then grind your gears up a mountain. 

Moai Walking Group: A community walking group that meets to connect for a common purpose - exercise and healthy relationship building. It's FREE!

Zumba GOLD: Zumba class modified for seniors, beginners or others needing modifications in their exercise routine. 

HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training involves intense bursts of exercise followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods.

YOGA: Improve your strength and flexibility while focusing on breath and relaxation. Poses will include beginner and intermediate levels.

Gentle YOGA: Improve your strength and flexibility while focusing on breath and relaxation for beginners.

Mindful YOGA: Yoga for those who wish to experience longer periods of stretching, breathing and relaxation. May use a chair if unable to sit on the floor.

Circuit Xpress: Circuit training in a group - moving from TRX to cardio to core the floor! Work all systems of your body in one class!

ForeverFit is for active adults looking for an exercise option in a group setting. This class is designed to increase strength, flexibility, balance and range of motion, and to make functional activities for daily living easier. Participants of all fitness levels are invited to attend, and will be guided to modify exercises that fit their individual abilities.

BellyFit: Burn up some calories in this metabolic blast! No class is ever the same!