Fitness & Wellness

At Sisters, you have plenty of options when it comes to fitness. Enjoy individual activities, group exercise classes or one-on-one training and coaching - our place or yours. And because there are no misters at sisters, you're free to get comfortable and focus on yourself.


The circuit training is my favorite, and I can conveniently use the infrared sauna after my workout if I want to.
— Jeanie

When you join Sisters, you'll share your goals with one of our trained staff, who will record your BMI, body fat percentage, blood pressure, heart rate and measurements of seven body sites. With a baseline to work from, you can begin to work toward your goals while keeping track of your progress.

Exercise Classes & Equipment

Take advantage of guided circuit training, cardio equipment and weight training. Burn calories through our infrared sauna or infrared body wrap spa services.

Form friendships and have fun with classes like Body Barre, TRX, Zumba, Pump and Tone, Yoga and more. Better yet, your first class or workout is on us!

Personal Training

A personal trainer can help you reach your fitness goals, whether you need motivation for your workouts or want to train for a specific event. Our certified trainers are fitness professionals with the knowledge of physiology and movement to design a safe and effective program for you. We'll come to your home, work with you in our facility, or weather permitting, meet you on a running trail or bike path.

I trust your style and approach is exactly what I need right now.
— C.S.

Wellness Coaching

Achieving behavioral change requires a plan and lots of support. Work with Kristy, our certified wellness coach, to define your vision of your best self and develop a workable plan to get from point A to point B. We'll also help you sift through the ever-changing array of wellness options to identify the ones that make sense for you.