Draw upon Your Past Successes

I had a conversation with someone today who was beating herself up over her holiday eating habits. She used words like, "pig" "bad" "out of control" and a few others. She was also frustrated with her workout routine because she had hit a plateau, and hired me for personal training sessions to help her kick start some changes. My first suggestion was to modify the way she was talking to herself. I asked her to consider shifting her focus from the behaviors that got her where she is, to the behaviors that will take her to where she wants to be, and to draw upon habits from the past that were successful. As we continued to chat, she shared with me that keeping a food journal in the past kept her on track with her eating. She is going to start recording her food diary today! 

Leave the past in the past, stop allowing it to get in the way of your progress, and reach into your toolbox of victories for the solutions. The way we talk to ourselves, the words we use, "failure", "loser", "weak" are so damaging to our mental and emotional fitness. They push us backward instead of forward, and put barriers in the way of reaching our goals. It's not trial and error, it is trial and correction. It's not obtaining perfection, it's forward direction. Reframing the way we think about our journey can make all the difference in the outcome.

Be good to yourself - Free your mind and your body will follow!