Exactly Where I'm Supposed to Be

Another day in my life with affirmation that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. As usual, it was unexpected, the event that led to this moment of realization of how incredibly fortunate I am. Each day, my "work" involves the presence of women of all ages, each with their own life experiences, converging upon my small little health club to push themselves in the direction of their wellness goals. The atmosphere is always inspiring, full of daily happenings that warm my soul through laughter and silliness that only women can share. This day though, I was to have one of those over-the-top moments that took me to another place, a level beyond the surface.

My client and I began our training session as usual; cardio and conversation first, followed by strengthening and core work. It was early in our relationship, only our 6th visit, but we have a connection. Although separated by 20+ years we have a lot in common and communication flows freely through countless topics - art, writing, horses, skiing...to name a few. She mentions that her dogs are in the car because she did not have time to drop them off at home, and she is a little concerned as the temperature is near zero AGAIN. Naturally, I invite them in for the second portion of our training session. Let the wild rumpus start!

They were great, they just wanted to play, lick, nip, run, be dogs. We tried the typical, "sit" and "stay" and it worked - for a bit. We continued on with our usual routine, exercising and chatting. At one point, my client was seated which to the dogs became "play-on-your-lap" time, but we worked around it (the dogs are pretty good sized, by the way!) Never without topics to discuss, we were talking about something, I am unsure of what actually led us to the heart of the conversation, but I heard her say, "Before we lost our granddaughter." I wasn't sure I heard her correctly so I asked.

What happened next was the development of a moment that touched my soul, moving me to another place beyond the walls of the room we were in. She shared with me a tragic personal story that led us both to tears. The dogs were sitting on both of us, comforting us in a way that they didn't even know they were, as we stroked their hair and talked, and cried. I could see the pain in her face, and I was overwhelmed with grace that she trusted me enough to share this with me. She asked me if I believed in angels -  she said she felt that I did.  I felt honored and special and warm...so blessed by this moment we were sharing. This appointment was no longer just about exercise, but about human connection, belief in something greater than the earth we live on, a higher power, spirit and angels. I was overwhelmed with emotion, and mostly in awe of the trust she had in me to share her story.

We decided to finish our workout with abdominal exercises on the floor, not realizing how that might look to the puppies - PLAY TIME! Pretty soon, the sorrowful tears turned into playful laughter-induced tears of ridiculous fun, rolling around on the floor and wet doggie kisses! Emotional workouts can take more out of you than the physical kind, and I was exhausted in a good way.

Something brought us together on this day, to share our connection on a deeper level. How lucky am I to be chosen to share this moment, so unexpected and so fulfilling? If ever I had doubts, they are fully confirmed; Yes, I believe in angels, there is a higher power beyond this earth, human interaction is a priceless gift, and I am exactly where I am supposed to be.